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  • The Indy Investor Pod, Episode 69

    Show Notes: Brian talks with Neil Goradia about his real estate journey. Using multiple investment strategies such as buy & hold, delinquent notes, flipping, and land development, Neil was able to quit his corporate job in 2014.

  • Bigger Cash Flow Podcast

    Show Notes: Today on the show we have Neil Goradia, CEO of Go Indy Real Estate. With a background in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University, he began acquiring rental properties with Co-Workers after reading the little purple book, Rich Dad Poor Dad.

    Fast forward to 2014, he was able to live off his rental income and quit his W2 to work on his Real Estate business full-time. He has developed 73 lots spanning across 40 acres and is in the process of working on a 137 lot project. Listen on Spotify.

  • Roofstock: Indianapolis

    Show Notes: Sit in with Zach Evanish (Director of Client Advisory Services, Roofstock), Jason Pabon (Roofstock Advisor), and Neil Goradia (Indianapolis Local Broker) as they discuss the Indianapolis real estate market.

  • Real Estate Investing Club

    Show Notes: In this episode I interview Neil Goradia, CEO of Go Indy Real Estate and Principal at Apollo Developers. Join us us as we learn about Neil's investing journey and eventually the process of developing raw land!